Partner Profile: CrowdComfort


CrowdComfort partners with current


Who is CrowdComfort?

CrowdComfort is building a mobile-first platform that empowers every occupant with a smartphone to report comfort or maintenance issues in their workplace. Using a proprietary geolocation method, reports include location that is precise down to nearest square foot. These reports allows facilities and property management teams to discover and eliminate workplace issues in record-breaking time.


CrowdComfort + Current

The CrowdComfort platform adds a new layer to traditional IoT data- feedback on what occupants actually experience in the workplace. CrowdComfort ensures that technologies serve the needs of the occupants. And, if they do not meet occupant standards, the employees will have a voice so that building managers can make changes. When combined with occupancy data from Current, facility and real estate leaders will have insights into employee satisfaction trends across the building.


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