Partner Profile: Countlogic

Buildings can be Smart, but People Make them Dynamic.


CountLogic partners with current powered by ge

Countlogic’s occupancy sensor platform empowers building managers with dramatic space-use insights while saving significantly on lighting and HVAC energy consumption.


Who is Countlogic?


An innovative Industrial Internet company founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2015, Countlogic serves commercial, enterprise and government clients via systems integrators and design/build architects and engineers. Countlogic’s software, hardware and cloud-based platforms detect and count people in spaces in real time with highest accuracy and complete privacy. Its platforms generate dramatic building diagnostics and optimize control of utilities - saving energy while enhancing occupants’ indoor environmental experience.


Countlogic + Current


Countlogic’s real-time occupancy and vacancy sensors broadly deployed in Current’s lighting infrastructure provide complete coverage of the workspace. As part of Current’s data stream, Countlogic’s always-on platforms monitor movement and room occupancy to generate actionable insights for floor planning, space utilization, and environmental controls.  Building managers now have immediate access to tools to ensure that facility design matches occupant trends and preferences.


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