Partner Profile: ClimaCell

Micro Weather. Global Coverage.

Micro Weather. Global Coverage

ClimaCell is leading a revolution in weather information by delivering minute-to-minute, street-level weather to power drones, autonomous cars, and on-demand companies that rely on location-specific data.


Who is ClimaCell?

ClimaCell is the first microweather™ technology company with the only solution that uses hypersensing technologies to track location specific, short-term weather that no one else can see. While traditional weather companies use public data sources that can only deliver forecasts at the city level, ClimaCell combines public sources with newer sources like wireless networks and IoT devices to forecast at the street-level. ClimaCell provides granular weather data to airlines, drone companies, ride-sharing companies and other weather dependent businesses in the form of its HyperCast HD software and Microweather™ API and provides life-saving information and forecasts to communities across the globe. Visit or follow @WeatherRevealed.


ClimaCell + Current

Both ClimaCell and Current are committed to bringing new data from proprietary sensing technologies into the market. Current is capturing new weather data through its CityIQ IoT platform and ClimaCell is using millions of other weather sensors, including wireless networks, not used by anyone else to deliver microweather data. Together these companies are finding ways to share data from these new hypersensing techniques to help to fill the gaps left by traditional weather data providers and drive better weather-based decisions for businesses and governments.