Partner Profile: Cimetrics

Optimizing Asset Performance Management.


Cimetrics partners with Current

Maximizing the value of assets is a major focus for enterprises in today’s challenging times. Facility owners now mandate energy efficiency and tools to ensure that assets deliver their lifetime value.


Who is Cimetrics?


The Analytika service from Cimetrics focuses on three key offerings: first, providing connectivity to complex networked systems found in buildings, second, delivering machine learning based analytics, and in-depth domain knowledge of engineered systems, and lastly, imparting professional advice and consulting services designed to empower clients to get the most from their assets. Cimetrics is a connectivity, analytics and technology consulting company based in Boston, MA. Founded in 1989, Cimetrics’ products and technologies are the gold standard for open networks and big data analysis for the built environment. Analytika, introduced by Cimetrics in 2014, provides an actionable analytics service for large facility owners to maximize the lifetime value of their assets. 


Cimetrics + Current


This partnership will enable both Current’s and Cimetrics’s technologies to obtain a deep understanding of the built environment and provide ready-to-install solutions to owners and operators of buildings and facilities. The partnership combines Current’s enterprise environmental data with Analytika’s proven APM (Asset Performance Management) service, to enable enterprises to better manage their facilities. 


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