Partner Profile: Chrysalis Partners

Transforming complex smart city data for city leaders


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Chrysalis and Current, partner to deliver customized, easy-to-digest materials that explain the value and ROI of smart city projects to city leaders.


Who is Chrysalis?

Chrysalis is a diverse team of data interpretation and presentation experts, including researchers, analysts, engineers, writers, editors, visualizers, graphic artists and content designers. For each project or market, the teams collaborate to synthesize the complex data streaming from smart city systems, and then create customized deliverables designed for mayors, city council members, city managers and the like. The deliverables tell the ongoing story of the status, progress, ROI and hurdles of given smart projects, designed specifically for each city stakeholder based on their preferences and learning styles. Working with smart technology providers, Chrysalis helps ensure that city leaders have the understanding of the data they require, without having to become data scientists.


Chrysalis + Current

To explain the impact of the Current solution, the team at Chrysalis first studies the city leadership, to understand their perspectives, appetites for complexity and learning styles. Next the team extracts multiple data streams from CityIQ IoT platform and other existing database, and distills it down to the key findings that are most relevant to the information needs of city leadership.


Customized deliverables are created for each member of leadership to tell the story of the data, and the impact that the technology has created on transportation, public safety and the like. These curated materials – images, reports, phone alerts, slides, web pages, videos – are then delivered directly to each city leader, to ensure they have the information they need, when they need it, in a format that was created specifically for them.


With decision-ready materials in hand, city leaders can easily engage with other stakeholders and the public, and continue to make data-driven decisions about future projects and enhanced implementations.