Partner Profile: Bolste

Orchestrate Better Outcomes with One Unified Platform.


Bolste Partners with Current


In today’s business world, staying aligned with multiple partners, vendors, customers, and colleagues can be challenging. Beat productivity app overload by creating better outcomes with a secure, scalable and more efficient solution.


Who is Bolste?


Bolste is a cloud-based, all-in-one solution, built specifically with business pain-points in mind. The software combines the power of all essential productivity apps into one easy-to-use, unified platform, allowing for optimal alignment, increased productivity, and cohesive, instant communication with those that matter most. With free external invites, companies can easily connect and manage customers, partners and vendors in one place, with one login, at one low price. 


Bolste + Current


The global economy is full of opportunities, each part of a constantly changing environment that’s becoming increasingly mobile, global and digital. Bolste’s unified interaction platform, along with Intelligent Environment data from Current’s intelligent infrastructure— enables today’s workforce to quickly tap into what’s happening within their environment. Whether it’s a commercial business, intelligent community or retailer, companies can instantly communicate what matters most and support better outcomes by aligning people, processes and projects. By tapping into the data from intelligent environments— such as building automation, space planning/optimization and guidance/movement, companies can respond in quickly changing needs, ensuring the right people collaborate and engage to increase productivity through data driven decisions. 


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