Partner Profile: Beco

When Buildings Interact with Occupants, Everyone Wins.


Partner Profile: Beco


With intelligent fixtures from Current and Beco’s light-powered beacons and spatial analytics, buildings interact seamlessly with occupants. 




Who is Beco?



Beco provides real-time building occupancy at a single person, single room resolution. This enables us to deliver real-time mobile interactions, like wayfinding and people finding, while at the same time, capturing long term insights, including building occupancy and space utilization. We do this using our light-powered Bluetooth beacons, smart phones, and data streamed into Beco’s real-time analytics engine from Current. 



Beco + Current



With Beco’s Spatial Analytics solutions, understand how your workforce interacts within your buildings, including how full your buildings are (and when), how your space is utilized, and how your workforce collaborates. Sensor data streamed from Current intelligent lighting infrastructure enables Beco to enrich long-term building insights and engage building occupants in real-time. 


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