Partner Profile: Azavea

Proactive Patrol Management.

Azavea Partners with Current


Who is Azavea?


Azavea is a B Corporation that creates custom software that aims to​ improve civic life through geographic data analysis. In addition to providing development services​, the firm has also created software solutions to address common civic processes such as public safety, public health, and climate change. One such product, HunchLab,​ enables​ police departments to align their patrol strategies with community priorities. Hunchlab's web-based proactive patrol management system is designed to show officers where to focus to address specific crime risks and what tactics to use to best reduce the potential for harm in their community.


Azavea + Current


Current’s CityIQ sensor networks will provide cities with near real-time information that can assist public safety organizations to maintain situational awareness. HunchLab’s risk forecasts can prioritize the display of video feeds to help agencies to monitor high risk locations. HunchLab can also use historic information about foot and vehicular traffic to better understand population flows to identify areas with greater activity throughout the week. ​


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