Partner Profile: AssetWorks

We Manage What You Manage.

asset management and maintenance practices, streamline operations


Who is AssetWorks?


AssetWorks delivers industry-leading business solutions to help asset- and infrastructure-intensive organizations control capital and operating expenditures, reduce operational complexity, and manage regulatory and policy-driven risk. Leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of software and consulting solutions, we help organizations work more efficiently by improving access to shared asset data, promoting greater transparency across the organization, improving service delivery, maximizing asset availability and uptime and reducing total cost of ownership. Using the latest cloud and mobile computing technologies, our asset management solutions and domain expertise help organizations eliminate waste, redundancy, and inefficiency.


AssetWorks + Current


The AssetWorks and Current, partnership will benefit the intelligent cities initiative through fast and accurate data gathering. AssetWorks enterprise asset management software solution will integrate with Current’s CityIQ intelligent nodes to gather parking and traffic count data to assist in classifying roadways for pavement condition analysis and viewing camera images to assist in evaluation of problem reports. The AssetWorks and Current, partnership will help the city prioritize investment planning and streamline problem resolution.


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