Live Demo of Current, by GE’s Materials Management Application

In this video, Current will demonstrate a real-world implementation of its Materials Management solution at its outdoor lighting plant in Hendersonville, NC.  Craig Platt, VP of Technical Product Management at Current, explains how the Materials Management application allows users to locate assets on a map with built-in search functionality, improve warehouse pick operations by analyzing traffic heat maps, and monitor fleet utilization and efficiency at a glance.  Materials Management is a cloud-based application that captures accurate, real-time location data from material handling equipment, like fork lifts or tuggers, and materials, like pallets, and creates powerful analytics and visualizations that increase manufacturing productivity.  


Speaker Bio

Craig Platt is a transformational leader within the Digital Technology function at Current. Craig's career spans over 32 years with GE during which he has made significant contributions to the business. Under Craig's leadership, the technical product team has developed multiple digital technologies. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.


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