LED Streetlights Light the Way to Safer, More Welcoming Community Spaces



It is common for citizens in a community to avoid an area that is poorly lit at night. It may be too dark to see the walking path, or contain too many dark spots and shadows for comfort. Simply put, light often translates to a safer, more efficient community.


When considering options for putting this safety and efficiency into practice, LED lighting is quickly becoming a popular choice among utilities and municipalities—especially those looking to save money on energy costs. LED lighting, unlike traditional, less efficient options, has many positive features. Namely, they:


  • Emit brighter light that is more concentrated to the area it’s meant to illuminate
  • Are more energy efficient than traditional lighting
  • Last longer, requiring less maintenance and fewer replacements—therefore lowering associated labor costs
  • Increase the overall safety and comfort of citizens


LEDs Bring Benefits You Can See


A common worry with LED public lighting is it emits much brighter, whiter light than a traditional bulb. Residents may worry about light seeping into homes, causing an unwelcome disruption. Although LEDs emit a brighter light, they are designed to better direct that light toward the areas that need it. So instead of casting a large light outward like traditional sources, LED lamps and fixtures concentrate their light downward onto public areas.


Saving Energy and Money


LED lighting makes a direct impact on every stakeholder in the community. LEDs use 50% less energy and have a useful life up to four times longer than traditional bulbs. With these realized savings, how nice would it be to finally have that pothole on Main Street fixed? When municipalities use LEDs to light public areas, they are saving on energy and maintenance costs that can then be redirected to other important budget areas like fixing roadways, funding more library programs or installing bike paths. The potential taxpayer savings will also certainly be attractive to locals who are used to seeing taxes rise, not decline.


Shining a Light on Safety


Finally, and perhaps the most impactful quality of LEDs, is the safety advantage. Public spaces with LED lighting not only makes the community look better aesthetically, but it also makes safety a priority. Public parks and fields can safely be enjoyed outside of daylight hours, making residents happy and extending the usability of these public assets.


When streets and sidewalks are equipped with LED lighting, you may see a reduction in the number of avoidable accidents. For example, it may decrease a municipality’s liability if someone were to injure themselves on a dark, uneven sidewalk or if someone rolls through a poorly lit stop sign and hits another car.


Further, well-lit areas can lower crime. In one study of New York City, increased public lighting reduced index crime levels by 36%. Making the Move


Communities and municipal leaders have to ask themselves:


  • Is it time to make the switch to a light with up to four times the useful life compared to older or existing options?
  • Is it time to save on energy costs and redirect those savings into other underfunded civic programs?
  • Is it time to light the way to a safer community?


Ready to discover how LED lighting can enhance outdoor and recreational spaces in your community? Contact Current to learn more.