IMS Evolve and Current, Partner to Enable Smarter Food Retail

Partnership enabling retailers to leverage legacy infrastructure to achieve multi-million dollar energy savings, reduce machine failure and slash stock loss


IMS Evolve, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company, has announced a strategic partnership with Current, the digital engine for intelligent environments, to deliver IoT solutions to the food retail sector. The partnership leverages IMS Evolve’s integration and automation capabilities and Current’s Daintree wireless controls infrastructure to offer a proven solution that is helping food retailers reduce operational costs and improve the customer experience.


The new partnership will drive significant savings across energy, waste and maintenance by leveraging real-time data from assets across the enterprise. A popular U.S. regional grocer recently installed the new unified IMS/Current solution across nearly 200 stores and is on a path toward saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the coming months simply by identifying and removing excess defrost cycles in refrigeration cases. The customer estimates the project will deliver over $1.2 million in annual savings through a combination of refrigeration, HVAC and lighting-related energy savings, all while reducing food spoilage by 30 percent and cutting reactive maintenance calls by 25 percent.


Colleen Calhoun, Head of Software Solutions & Chief Marketing Officer at Current, said “We see great potential in our continued collaboration with IMS Evolve. As the grocery industry progresses from manual to fully-integrated and automated controls, food retailers will see a marked drop in the operational costs it takes to efficiently keep food quality high while delivering an excellent customer experience.”


The IMS Evolve IIoT platform is unrivalled in its ability to integrate to existing refrigeration, lighting and HVAC infrastructure and systems, providing access to real-time, fleet-wide actionable data on a single platform without the need to rip and replace. The software can run natively on Current’s wireless area controller (WAC), with data being acquired and leveraged through the IMS system to drive process automation. Leveraging Current’s platform enables enterprise-scale deployments with minimal capital costs for the retailer and zero disruption to sales.


IMS Evolve’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jason Kay, said “With a powerful proposition that combines our proven IIoT solution with Current’s technology and experience servicing complex retail environments, we are able to deploy our solution at scale and speed to retailers across the world, releasing significant value and rapid ROI.”


Current is also providing project management support, including systems engineering and IT services, to ensure the joint solution achieves maximum value across a customer’s full portfolio of locations.


For more information, please visit the Current/IMS partnership page.


About IMS Evolve

Founded in 1999, IMS Evolve is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Company. Over two decades working with customers across the world, IMS Evolve has developed a cloud-based, controls-agnostic integration engine that rapidly deploys, integrates and automates both new and legacy equipment into a comprehensive modern systems architecture. Its industrial-grade solutions are currently being used by companies in retail, energy and financial services to deliver industry-leading levels of automation which enable real-time, actionable data to be used in a way that widely and rapidly delivers value right back into the business. Headquartered in Milton Keynes, UK, the company also has offices in North America. IMS Evolve was recently listed as one of the UK’s fastest growing exporters in the Fasttrack 100. For more information, please visit


About Current

Current is the digital engine for intelligent environments that blends advanced LED technology with networked sensors and software to make commercial buildings, retail stores, industrial facilities and cities more energy efficient and productive. Backed by a broad ecosystem of technology partners, Current is helping businesses and cities unlock hidden value and realize the potential of their environments.




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