How to Identify GE LED Type A, B and C Tubes

Authored by David Korow LC, Senior Lighting Specialist at the Institute at Nela Park


4 foot tubes


LED tubes are rapidly replacing the old fluorescent solutions. But the first challenge is knowing which LED tube option is best for you. Once the tube type is decided, then comes the need to identify what tubes to buy and to identify any tubes that already may have been purchased.


Mixing up the tube types in a facility can be both a safety issue as well as a performance problem. Keeping track of your different tube types and being certain about which is the correct tube before installing it in a fixture is critical. The following information provides insight into GE’s LED tubes ink-stamped monograms.


led tubes monogram figure 1


Let’s begin by noting that every LED tube monogram begins with “LED,” indicating that the light sources are light emitting diodes.


The next characters (e.g., 18, 15, 14, 21 and T8) indicate the nominal power (in watts) of the tube. Type “A” tube actual power is determined by the ballast factor of the ballast. In the case of our LumenChoice tubes, the next characters (e.g., T8) describe the tube as tubular and 8/8th inches in diameter.


The next characters in the LED tube’s monograms are of most interest to us and have been highlighted in yellow in Figure 1. The “E,” “B,” “BD” and “LC” refer to a UL Type “A,” “B single-ended,” “B double-ended,” and “C” tubes, respectively. The exception to the above layouts is the GE Type “C-Regular” lamps monogram, which is a UL Type “C” tube, but uses no special characters after the nominal power of the tube.


Now that you have the key to understanding the GE LED tubes’ ink-stamped monograms, you’ll never be confused again about GE’s tube types. For additional product and ordering information please visit