GE Supports Capital One’s Commitment to Energy Efficiency

CapitalOne Bank Branch


As Capital One continues its commitment to sustainability initiatives and seeks ways for its bank branches to run smarter and more efficiently, they enlisted GE’s support in two core areas:


1. Improving employee time and company resources with stronger management of thermostats at bank branches; and

2. Leveraging Current’s, expertise to improve customers’ ATM experiences if a light goes out after bank hours.

Improve company resources & customer experience

The Solution

Capital One selected Current’s Daintree ControlScope Manager sensor-enabled network to deploy at more than 400 branches because it provided an open-networked wireless controls solution. By adding real-time energy management and building control, bank branches saved time for employees and building maintenance teams, while also providing energy savings and visibility into energy usage and trends. The addition of HVAC controls and monitoring freed employees from having to monitor thermostats based on weather conditions. The solution also enhanced customer and employee safety with indoor and outdoor circuit-based lighting automation with failure detection and enterprise-level alarms and alerts.

Outline of a branch (think bank of the future) with “400 Branches” across the middle

The Results

Insights provided by ControlScope Manager can predict potential energy and HVAC issues at bank branches before they actually impact the customer experience. This allows the real estate operations teams to schedule repairs proactively and avoid emergency visits.


The customer experience at ATM machines was also improved as a result of numerous ATM exterior lighting projects underway at bank branches.


The Future

Since the sensor-enabled network is an open, future-proof solution that uses a Zigbee mesh network (the leading standard for wireless building controls), it affords the flexibility to easily add a variety of fixtures and sensors over time.


As Capital One continues with its sustainability initiatives, new data from the platform can be leveraged for third-party applications. Examples include iOffice, which helps managers understand space utilization at the desk level in real time and track patterns over the longer term, and Motionloft, which helps respond to customer needs, such as queue management, in real time.

Future-proof applications available


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 Daintree, which combines Intel technology with web-based software to automate energy management, building control and system configuration from any location, was recently designated as an Intel® Market Ready Solution. Daintree is Current’s second platform to be designated as an Intel Market Ready Solution. Current and Intel also jointly market and sell Current’s CityIQ™ platform, which is being deployed in cities like San Diego, Atlanta and Portland, OR.


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