European Commission Bans Hazardous Substance from TVs and Displays


GE’s Patented RadiantRedTM LED Solution Provides Vibrant Alternative


  • Cadmium is a hazardous heavy metal more toxic than mercury or lead that the EU Commission will ban from TVs and displays
  • Consumer electronics manufacturers designing next generation display platforms will be required to provide cadmium-free product by October 2019
  • RadiantRed is a cadmium-free solution for wide color gamut (WCG) displays that already can be found in nearly one-quarter of LED-backlit display devices worldwide.


Boston, MA – September 20, 2017 -- LED display manufacturers will be required to replace Quantum Dot (QDs) containing a restricted substance called cadmium after a recent ruling by the European Commission. Cadmium, a hazardous heavy metal that is ten times more toxic than mercury or lead, had previously received an exemption for use in TVs and displays due to a lack of alternative technologies providing the “perfect red.”


With increasing adoption of new cadmium-free technologies like GE’s RadiantRed Technology, which does not compromise screen brightness or appearance, the European Commission has signaled that the exemption is no longer required. Commercialized only three years ago, RadiantRed can already can be found in an estimated 25% of LED-backlit products worldwide including mobile phones, TVs, tablets, PCs, and gaming laptops. The patented technology makes more color combinations possible in Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and is easily integrated into existing LCD platforms.


“The European Commission’s ruling sends an important message to the consumer electronics world that cadmium has no place in household products,” said Melissa Wesorick, LED Platforms Leader for Current. “As manufacturers think about their next generation display platform, they should feel confident knowing that there are cutting edge RoHS compliant, cadmium free solutions available today.”


The culmination of more than 10 years of research and development, RadiantRed incorporates potassium fluorosilicate to produce the richest, most vibrant red color available on an LED. The highly saturated red generates enhanced color and better contrast in LED-backlit displays without sacrificing brightness or efficiency. 


“Life-like color is the most elusive goal in pursuit of a more perfect display screen image.  Like a fine wine, we’ve found a way to serve the perfect red,” Wesorick explained. “With this technology, we’re able to provide a lower cost WCG solution that is power neutral.”


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