EnTrans International, LLC Turns to Current to Help Make Manufacturing Locations Safer and More Efficient



EnTrans International, LLC is a leading producer of energy and transportation equipment, with a wide family of established brands under its umbrella and 13 manufacturing locations across the globe. One of these facilities is a 400,000-square-foot plant in Juarez, Mexico, which is responsible for producing aluminum, stainless and carbon steel tank trailers that serve multiple industries.


EnTrans was connected with the leadership team at GE Current, a Daintree company, who then designed a one-for-one replacement solution that would bring the energy-efficient power of 1,609 LED lights to the Juarez facility.


The majority of the new lights for the factory floor were Albeo® ABV3 LED luminaires, while traditional office spaces were outfitted with the Lumination® LBR Series. These new LEDs are poised to decrease energy consumption in the Juarez facility by more than 3.4 million kWh per year, and the projected annual savings from the conversion exceeds $400,000. EnTrans also anticipates reduced maintenance, with the new lighting from Current estimated to save more than $21,000 in annual upkeep.


For the EnTrans team, there are additional advantages when it comes to safety and productivity. There were worries of old sodium vapor lights exploding or a heavier fixture dropping from the ceiling, but the more compact LEDs don’t have the same concerns. Improved light quality is also helping plant workers get their jobs done right the first time around.


Customer: EnTrans International, LLC

Key Products Used:
Albeo LED Luminaire – ABV3
Lumination LED Luminaire - LBR Series



Albeo LED Luminaire – ABV3M

The Albeo® ABV3 LED luminaire provides unrivaled value and quality in low bay and high bay lighting.


Compact, efficient design from 11x14” to 15”X 28” * Lumen output: 9,000-90,000 lm * Optics: 30, 55, 90, 120 degree optics with clear, diffused, or no lens options * Cable/chain, rod, or pendant mount * 3000K, 3500K, 4000K or 5000K CCT * 70, 80, or 90 CRI * Daylight, motion, and wireless controls * 0-10V dimming * Lifetime: L70 at 100,000 hours * 5 year limited system warranty * Inverted Mounting Options


LBR SeriesLumination LED Luminaire - LBR Series

The LBR Series delivers the energy-saving and long-life advantages of LED in a fixture accessible from below the ceiling plane.


Delivers >100 LPW * Available in 1x4, 2x2 or 2x4 models * Designed to easily install in T-grid drop ceiling systems * LED driver and light engine accessible from below the ceiling * Uniform light distribution across the entire face of the luminaire with no hotspots or banding