Enabling Intelligent Environments

Current’s intended agreement with Capgemini will unleash more than 200 developers on GE’s cloud based platform. Developers will be focused on creating software solutions that will help commercial and industrial customers reduce power consumption, generate power onsite, and drive new revenue streams through the use of sensors and networked systems in buildings and cities.


To accelerate municipal adoption of intelligent infrastructure within cities, a commercial agreement was announced with Intel to partner on Intelligent City proposals and opportunities. Current’s intelligent streetlamps will also be built using the Intel® IoT Platform, an edge to cloud reference architecture with hardware and software building blocks from Intel. The Intel products will process large and evolving data loads quickly with the reliability and flexibility demanded by cities today.


"Populations in cities around the world are growing exponentially, and forward-looking municipal leaders are turning to digital technologies to improve the economic and environmental health of their cities,” said Sylvester. “Through our collaboration with Intel we will accelerate the development of intelligent technologies to help cities pull and access data in ways they haven’t before to solve challenges and create new opportunities for both city workers and residents."


These partnerships build on the existing ecosystem Current has begun to build in the Intelligent Cities space by partnering with leaders like AT&T and ShotSpotter.


enabling intelligent environments infographic


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