The Digital Workplace: Transforming the Employee Experience

The new age of office space is upon us. Happy employees are both more productive and less likely to search for other opportunities. Workspaces that can adjust to the needs of employees are also beneficial for an organization’s bottom line, as they can operate more energy efficiently and cut down on wasted space. That’s exactly why iOFFICE and Current, partnered to help workspaces get smarter.


Experts from both organizations came together to present some of their insights in a webinar titled, “The Digital Workplace: Transforming the Employee Experience.” Dallas Buchanan, Program Director at Current, kicked it off by explaining how Current’s intelligent environment platform works. He also provided some background on why so many Internet of Things (IoT) deployments are failing.


Then, Elizabeth Dukes, the Co-Founder of iOFFICE, provided valuable information on how the iOFFICE platform can be used in a variety of office spaces, while Account Manager Glenn Hicks walked through a demo of the software and showed how businesses can gain actionable, practical insights from it.


Check out the full conversation by viewing the on-demand webinar.



  • Start at 5:40 to get an overview of Current’s intelligent environment platform and the Daintree System Architecture. You’ll also learn how the systems collect information and what types of apps can be connected to take advantage of the data.
  • Hear why the toughest part of IoT is the “things” at 7:40. Dallas explains that we need to use the brains in these smart devices to fulfill basic building needs for less—that is, they should be things that buildings use—at 10:30.
  • 20:50: iOFFICE is trying to help customers transition to the digital workplace. As the baseline, it’s effectively managing the physical environment. The other side is giving employees a connection to that workplace and resources.
  • How can enterprises create a digital workplace strategy? That’s the biggest challenge iOFFICE must tackle, and the team explains how they approach this problem at 25:20.
  • A few minutes later, at 29:37, iOFFICE describes how its platform uses plugins and APIs to connect to existing tech stack to take full advantage of the data collected and create an infinite loop of value.
  • If you want a real-life example of a company that implemented, go to 34:49. There, Elizabeth covers some of the best practices for implementing a program like iOFFICE, including a few strategies gleaned from McKesson. She summarizes some of McKesson’s tips for starting this process at 38:25.
  • Not convinced an IoT solution can work in your enterprise? Go to 40:40, where Dallas discusses some of the top barriers to successful project implementation and how to avoid them.
  • At 49:02, Glenn Hicks provides a demo of the iOFFICE solution and shows how it integrates with other calendar and reservation solutions.
  • It’s not just about finding space; it’s about servicing and maintaining your workplace as well. At 53:16, Glenn demonstrates how the iOFFICE app can be used to file maintenance requests or other facility management issues.
  • Don’t miss the information at 56:33. There, you’ll get a glimpse of iOFFICE’s enterprise-wide view, as well as building-specific or floor-specific views. The webinar also shows how to overlay floor plans with room utilization statistics to see how space is being used over time. It all rolls up into insights, allowing facilities teams to gain valuable information on how employees or customers are using a space.