COVID-19: We're Here, Serving and Safeguarding

delivery iconDelivering for our Customers

Current is committed to serving and safeguarding for our customers, partners and employees. We are taking measures that reduce the risk of exposure and keep our employees safe, all while diligently working to support your needs.


Our factories, distribution centers and engineering labs across the world remain fully operational and committed to serving our customers.


For any inquiries on our safety measures, your orders or specific product availability, please engage your local manufacturer’s representative or Current sales contact, or reach out to Current’s Customer Service team.


If you are looking for support for your COVID-19 initiatives or those of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, contact your regional VP:


Northeast: Mark Lovdahl, (216) 287-4697,

South: Derek Publicover, (906) 301-1674,

Central: Tom Scherzer, (630) 269-0033,

West: RJ Darling, (314) 210-0912,

Canada: Nabil Jacques Salem, (514) 420-5622,


doctor wearing mask in hospital roomGE Current, a Daintree company is committed to supporting healthcare facilities as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about how we can help, read our Capability Statement.


safeguard iconProtecting Our People While Serving the Customer

Nothing Is More Important Than Keeping Our People Safe.

At the inception of the pandemic, Current created a multidisciplinary COVID-19 Taskforce. Immediately, this team assessed the short and long-term potential impact of the pandemic on the business and created meaningful protocols for our people, customers, and suppliers worldwide to effectively navigate the challenges brought on by the coronavirus.


We Galvanized To Succeed Despite The Pandemic.

Current’s COVID-19 Taskforce scheduled daily meetings with its global supply chain team and others at the onset of the crisis. The daily meetings involved real-time, on the ground feedback concerning the pace of the virus’s spread in the communities in which we operate, the regulatory requirements requiring implementation, and allowed the business to develop and deploy best practices for maintaining safe and ongoing operations.


In our factories, we are not taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach regarding COVID-19.  We have instituted an active symptoms monitoring and self-reporting process in our production facilities. Where there is either symptom indication or a positive case of COVID-19, the business implements a mandatory 14-day quarantine plan and conducts a migration/contact review process that seeks to trace potential connections. Employees found to be within reasonably sustained proximity to a symptomatic or COVID-19 positive individual is likewise placed on a mandatory 14-day quarantine.


We Put Safety First.

From the outset Current implemented numerous safety measures, including pre-entry temperature checks at all worksites, a mandatory symptoms disclosure policy, and a 14-day mandatory quarantine for employees showing, reporting, or within proximity of another person exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. Current maintains a robust contact-tracing procedure for employees reporting symptoms or a positive test result for COVID-19. We continue to require frequent handwashing and sanitizing while on the job (using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60-95% alcohol). Our equipment and facilities are regularly and frequently sanitized using virus-destroying cleaning agents. The business even modified its chemical operation to produce hand sanitizer, which it provides at no cost to its employees and the surrounding community where the plant is located.


Current requires employees and visitors to wear a mask or face covering, which Current provides. Visitors are restricted only to those deemed critically necessary. We enforce a six (6) feet or more social distancing protocol both on our production lines and in common areas. Current ensures appropriate density control through traffic-pattern and shift management, and it adds additional protection through plexiglass barriers between various production lines and office cubicles, as well as encouraging a remote working protocol where feasible.


Through It All, We’ve Remained Focused On Our Most Important Assets: Our People & Our Customers.

Despite the challenges, Current has kept its people safe and served its customers without cessation during the pandemic. Our rapid attention to the burgeoning crisis early on allowed Current to understand the external environment and make the changes necessary to adapt to the “new normal.”


Current stands committed to safety, service, and its two most important assets: Our People and Customers.