Bright Innovators: Intelligent Communities

Module 1: Intelligent Communities


To help students become more civically engaged by imagining the possibilities of current and future technology



Any and all students K-12



In their own classrooms!



Utilizing Self-Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) methodology.

To execute a SOLE session, all you need is a computer, internet connection and students who are ready to learn! Watch how to execute a SOLE session.


1. Access program questions for students K-12:


2. Select Bright Innovators


3. Select grade level


4. Use individual Bright Innovators puzzle pieces or a full mural to capture, display and demonstrate how students can engage in their communities and make a difference. The puzzle piece can be printed or cut on Fab Lab equipment to build a school mural. Download the file here.


This SOLE session is just the first step in the Bright Innovators, Intelligent Communities program to inspire students to explore, investigate and pursue STEM-based careers.


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