Acxiom Upgrades Tech Campus with Current LEDs

Unique suspended lighting hangs in Acxiom’s cafeteria.
Linear lighting breaks up traditional drop ceilings.
Suspended lighting adds architectural interest.
Linear lighting over open office space.
EP Circular lights brighten an employee lounge.
Current’s downlights light a hallway at Acxiom.
Current's EPC2 Series
Current's RX Series
Current's EL Series
Current's SS Series
Current's LAL Series


Rocky Lauer, the facility manager at Acxiom, knew the market for interior lighting was moving toward LEDs. That, coupled with company leadership’s desire for a high-tech, updated campus, cemented the decision to move forward with LED upgrades throughout Acxiom’s office spaces.


The first LED upgrade occurred at a parking deck in downtown Little Rock. Once Acxiom experienced the major maintenance savings achieved with the 150 canopy fixtures, they were ready to remodel their office space. This included traditional private offices, meeting areas, kitchens and open office floors, as well as a large dining hall for employees, recreational areas and even a movie theater.


In total, Acxiom has spent more than $600,000 to upgrade interior and exterior lighting across its facilities. Much of the budget was allocated toward the installation of LAL Series, which is designed to integrate into existing ceiling systems or drywall ceilings for linear lighting.


There were traditional office lighting products such as the SS Series and LEL Series suspended luminaires, recessed fixtures included LET, LVT and LPL, as well as more unique options like LRX downlights and the EP Circular series. Outdoor solutions were also converted to include EAL area lighting and EWS wall packs.


Customer: Acxiom
Lighting Agent: Fred Rowlan at Curtis Stout
Key Products Used: LAL Series, SS Series, LEL Series, LRX downlights, EP Circular



Lumination LED Luminaire - LAL Series

The LAL Series is designed to flawlessly integrate into ceiling systems or drywall ceilings to deliver uniform lines of light for commercial applications.


Available with TriGain® technology * Luminaires can connect together for long continuous runs of uniform light * Flexible installation with option to mount in t-grid or drywall * Corners option now available


Lumination LED Luminaire - SS Series

The design of Lumination® SS Series LED suspended luminaires provides even, line-free general illumination that's remarkably uniform across the space.


Available with TriGain® technology (3500K/4000K) * Fixtures easily connect for long continuous runs * Impressive ambient and task light in one fixture * Uniform uplight free of hard lines * 75% uplight / 25% downlight * Energy efficient * Long-rated life, L85 @ 50,000 hours


Lumination LED Luminaire - LEL Series

The LEL is a linear, commercial pendant or track lighting fixture utilizing an advanced LED optical system to achieve excellent performance.


Available with TriGain® technology (3500K/4000K) * Fixtures easily connect for long continuous runs * Impressive ambient andUltra-thin profile * Modern aesthetic * Durable design * Unique photometric design


Lumination LED Luminaire - LRX Series


The Lumination® RX series LED downlights are the ideal retrofit solution for traditional fixtures, with unprecedented flexibility and reduced install risk.


Selectable driver package (lumen level) available * 650-6450 delivered lumens * Up to 106 LPW * 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K color temperatures * 82 CRI * Additional CRI and CCTs available as special orders * Round and Square (up to 8-inch) shapes * Matching Remodel (Goof) rings and Frame Kits * Snap-on round Silver and Black Colored Trim options for select models. * Dimmable and Controllable * Emergency Battery Back-up Kits available * Quick Disconnect * EnergyStar® * Wet-rated interior applications * L70 @ 50,000 hours * Operating Temperature: -10°C to +40°C (no EMBB) | 0°C to +25°C (with EMBB) * 5 year limited warranty


Lumination LED Luminaire - EP Circular Series

The aesthetically pleasing Lumination® EP series circular LED suspended luminaire combines direct and indirect lighting in one super-efficient, translucent design.


Ultra-thin profile * Modern aesthetic * Durable design * Intrinsx optical technology * Unique uplight and downlight distribution