Daintree® WIZ100

The WIZ100 wireless occupancy sensor and photocell for Daintree Networked Wireless Lighting Controls integrates into many Lumination® Indoor LED Fixtures.

Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls Icon DLC Standard

Features & Benefits

  • Works on Daintree Networked Wireless Controls System
  • Provides Occupancy Sensing and Daylight Harvesting in one device
  • Provides flexible scheduling with the Daintree Controls Software
  • Integrated into many Current fixtures or can be installed in 0-10V fixtures with LCA kit
  • Provides Energy Code Compliance
  • Daintree Controls Software provides Real-Time analytics and programming
  • Capable of integrating with Building Management Systems
  • Completely wireless installation, communicates to Daintree Networked nodes and devices


Controls Platform
Daintree Networked
Mounting Options
Installs within a 22mm (0.87”) hole with provided nut
Recommended Mounting Height
10 feet (3m)
Sensor Type
Passive infrared (PIR), Photosensor (Light)
Input Voltage
Max. 22.5V, Class 2, capable of no greater than 15VA power
Current Consumption
Max 8mA (without digital communication) @ Max 22.5V DC, Class 2
Operating Temp
0 to 50 °C
2.08 In
1.22 In
0.03 Lb
5 year limited warranty

Integrated Sensor

Introducing Current’s new integral lighting control sensors to the Daintree Networked Wireless Controls platform. This combination occupancy sensor and photocell come factory installed with Current’s best-in-class LED indoor LED fixtures. The sensors simplify the installation process and economically deliver lighting control to any environment. Control your Indoor, Outdoor and Industrial lighting in one common lighting control system.

Daintree Networked

Daintree Networked provides the infrastructure for feature-rich commercial lighting control for LED lighting. The Daintree Networked system also allows interconnectivity with other systems like HVAC, plug load control, fans, water heaters, air compressors and refrigeration units. The Daintree Networked platform allows building owners and managers the ability to monitor and resolve energy performance with the Daintree apps. Daintree Networked allows customers to go beyond lighting control and into the world of IoT.

Daintree Networked System Architecture How it works infographic
Daintree Controls Software (DCS) on a computer

Greater Energy Reduction & Flexibility

Up to 70% lighting energy savings across lighting assets with additional energy saving from HVAC, plug load, and fans optimization. Open standards enables the network to expand to incorporate additional Daintree certified devices, while providing additional flexibility in the selection of hardware components.

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