Daintree® WHS100

WHS100 High-Bay PIR Occupancy Sensor works on the Daintree Networked Wireless Lighting Controls system for high bay lighting & outdoor area light applications.

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Features & Benefits

  • Works on Daintree Networked Wireless Lighting Controls System
  • The Wireless High-Bay Sensor (WHS100) is a line-powered control/sensor device within the Daintree wireless building control solution
  • Enables wireless control of individual luminaires and with an integrated passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor
  • Provides a one-box solution for cost-effective occupancy based control designed for indoor and outdoor lighting applications
  • Provides ON/OFF and 0-10V dimming control of ballasts and LED drivers
  • Wide operating temperature range and wet location rating, the WHS100 is well suited for manufacturing, parking and area lighting


Controls Platform
Daintree Networked
Color Offering
Mounting Options
Knockout: Trade Size 1/2, Diameter 7/8”, Panel: Hole Diameter 7/8” (22mm)
Interchangeable sensor lens, 360˚ lenses included (8ft, 20ft, 40ft), Mask included (suitable for all lenses)
Ballast/Driver Control
On/Off, 0-10V Dimming
Input Voltage
120-277 VAC
Dimming Output
0-10V, 15mA (max sink)
Radio Properties
2.4 GHz, +8dBm transmit power
Connectivity Protocol
ZigBee PRO (HA, BA)
LED Status Indicators
Green LED: Motion Detection, Red LED: Off for normal operation
Operating Temp
-40 to 70 °C
3.54 In
3.54 In
1.7 In
IP66, Wet
5 year limited warranty
Warehouse stocked with boxes

Line-powered Sensor

The WHS100 Wireless High Bay Sensor is a line powered control component within the Daintree Networked wireless lighting controls system. It enables wireless control of individual high bay luminaires or outdoor area lights and has an integrated passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor.

Occupancy Sensing and Dimming Control

The WHS100 provides ON/OFF and 0-10V dimming control of ballasts and LED drivers. Its familiar form factor provides for simple installation through a standard ½” knockout, making it an extremely versatile solution for a wide range of fixture types including high bay, mid- bay, and low-bay luminaires for industrial and warehouse facilities.

Daintree Lighting Controls for High Bay Warehouse application
Daintree Networked Wireless Lighting Controls WHS100 Outdoor rated occupancy sensor with lens and masking accessories

Mounting Flexibility

It comes with interchangeable sensor lenses to provide occupancy based control for high, medium, and low mount lighting applications. It also comes in side mount, or base mount versions for added flexibility.

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