Daintree® WA100-PM

The WA100-PM Wireless Adapter provides control of dimmable drivers. It can monitor energy consumption of lighting devices on the Daintree Networked platform.

Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls Icon DLC Standard

Features & Benefits

  • Works on Daintree Networked Wireless Controls System
  • AC powered device that provides On/Off switching as well as 0-10V analog dimming control for LED drivers and ballasts
  • Provides power for low voltage occupancy sensors, photosensors (daylight harvesters), wall switches, and control signals
  • Monitors and measures the power consumption of the connected lighting load and reports power measurement data to Daintree Controls Software
  • Provides the wireless adaptation that enables connected devices to communicate with the rest of the Daintree Networked wireless control solution


Controls Platform
Daintree Networked
Color Offering
Mounting Options
Snap-in 1/2” nipple for junction box mount, Screw tab and optional mounting bracket for in-fixture mount
Ballast/Driver Control
On/Off, 0-10V Dimming, Bi-Level (Off, Medium, High), Alternate (Off, Low, Medium, High)
Analog Input
0-10V, Max 24V, Input resistance ~90K
Analog Output
0-10V, Max 24V, Input resistance ~90K
Low Voltage Output
24VDC, 75mA
Current Consumption
0.54W @120V (Idle, Relay OFF), 0.82W @277V (Idle, Relay OFF), 0.96W @120V (Relay ON), 1.23W @277V (Relay ON)
Dimming Output
0-10V, 5mA (sink or source)
Binary Input
Active high (≥ 8.25V). Max 40V, Impedance ~22K
Radio Properties
2.4 GHz, +8dBm transmit power
LED Status Indicators
Green LED (power), Green LED (joined network), Red LED (error state)
Operating Temp
-20 to 65 °C
9.33 In
1.7 In
1.18 In
5 year limited warranty
Sterile patient room in hospital

Enables Communication

The WA100-PM includes a 15A relay to switch ballasts/drivers and circuits, and provides 0-10V output to control one or more dimmable ballasts/drivers. It can also adapt low voltage occupancy sensors, photosensors, and wall switches/dimmers, enabling these devices to communicate wirelessly with the rest of the system.


The WA100-PM provides added versatility with support for bi-level and alternate switching ballast configurations, as well as the ability to control an auxiliary relays or dependent devices.

Building rendering with connected Daintree Wireless Lighting controls
Daintree Networked System Architecture How it works infographic

Daintree Networked Enabled

The WA100-PM also includes the capability to monitor and measure the energy consumption of the lighting load being controlled, whether it is an entire circuit or a single light.

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