Daintree® RRU-X-UNV

The RRU-X-UNV automatic load control relay is suitable for bypassing line voltage relay/switch and breaking the 0-10V line for full brightness operation.

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Features & Benefits

  • Includes dual relay
  • Suitable for bypassing a line voltage relay/switch and breaking the 0-10V line
  • RRU-X-UNV is 20A rated
  • Universal mount device can be mounted flush, plenum or junction box
  • Integral test switch and green utility power indicator


Controls Platform
Daintree Networked
Color Offering
Mounting Options
Flush, plenum or junction box
Operating Temp
0 to 60 °C
1.2 In
1.7 In
3.0 In
5 year limited warranty

Emergency Lighting

Listed for emergency lighting control applications.

Ensures Illuminance During Power Interruption

The RRU-X-UNV can bypass a line voltage switch and an 0-10V dimming signal, ensuring that an emergency fixture illuminates at full brightness during a loss in power.

Daintree Networked Wireless Lighting Contols RRU-X-UNV Automatic Load Control Relay or Shunt Relay for emergency lighting purposes front view

Compact and Easy to Install

Small size makes it ideal for junction box mounting. The integral test switch and LED allow for quick testing and verification of proper function.

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