LightSweep® CLCP06

The LightSweep® CLCP06 controller is for classroom, multi purpose rooms or larger conference rooms and has 6-relay capacity and can fit two control modules.

Features & Benefits

  • Small control panel with capacity for two control modules
  • Operates standalone or part of larger LightSweep network
  • Up to six RR9P relays and four 0-10V dimming channels


Controls Platform
Color Offering
Mounting Options
Surface mount
Ballast/Driver Control
On/Off, 0-10V Dimming
Power Supply
Wire nut
Analog Input
Variable - depending on the quantity and type of control modules installed
Analog Output
Variable - depending on the quantity and type of control modules installed
Input Voltage
120/277 VAC, 347 VAC
Inputs: Switch, motion sensor and photocell, Outputs: Relay output, Network devices, Additional Panels, Dataline switches, Dataline scheduler
Connectivity Protocol
CAN protocol & BACnet when CLCBNET installed
Operating Temp
0 to 55 °C
12.0 In
12.0 In
4.0 In
cULus, Title 24, ARRA, FCC
RoHS, Dry
1 year limited warranty

Product Documents

LightSweep CLCP06 Lighting Control Relay panels allows for remote installation

Remote Installation

LightSweep® CLCP06 allow for remote installation in plenum ceiling for classroom or conference room controls.

Stand-Alone or Networked

Panels can be deployed as stand alone with programmable switches and sensors or connected to the LightSweep network using CAT5/CAT6 cable.

LightSweep Lighting Control Relay panels can be stand-alone or networked