LightSweep® CLCDLS

The CLCDLS is a touchscreen dataline scheduler with an astronomical time clock, 8 weekly schedules with exceptions and 16 programmable lighting control groups.

Features & Benefits

  • 3.5’’ Full Color Touchscreen
  • 8 weekly schedules with up to 8 durations per day
  • Single or recurring exceptions to each schedule
  • Real time clock with Super-cap backup
  • Configuration interface for entire lighting network
  • Astronomical clock functionality
  • 8 additional programmable groups
  • Communicating and powered from CAN lighting network


Controls Platform
Color Offering
Mounting Options
Power Supply
Input Voltage
24 VDC
Current Consumption
150 mA
Connectivity Protocol
CAN protocol
Operating Temp
0 to 55 °C
3.25 In
1.25 In
1.13 In
0.34 Lb
cULus, CE, Title 20, ARRA, FCC
RoHS, Dry
1 year limited warranty
GE LightSweep Lighting Controls Relay Contractor Panel

Flexible Schedulng

CLCDLS features include 8 time schedules with 7 days, 365 scheduling capability, 16 lighting control groups, and an astronomical schedule for sunrise/sunset lighting controls.

Powerful Lighitng Groups Configuration

Each Lighting group can host up to 50 outputs that can be: relays, dimming channels, other lighting groups. The ON/OFF action can be defined on output level. Each group allows up to four triggers such as Schedule, Occupancy Sensors, Photocells, Astro - in any combination.

CLCDLS touchscreen scheduler for LightSweep Lighting Control Panels

CLCDLS System Programming Tool

The CLCDLS touchscreen allows to program all control modules and dataline switches, to calibrate photocells and assign the setpoints, define occupancy sensor operation. The same sensor can control different lighting groups with different settings.