LightSweep® CLCDIM4

The LightSweep CLCDIM4 dimming module has four 0-10V dimming channels, each can sync 25mA and four configurable analog inputs for photocells.

Features & Benefits

  • Connects up to 4 photocell inputs
  • Connects up to 4 0-10V dimming outputs
  • Color-coded spring-type terminals for photocell and ballast
  • Closed-loop daylighting control build into channel
  • LED output indication of level
  • Jumper selectable for network or transformer power
  • Communicating on CAN lighting network.


Controls Platform
Color Offering
Mounting Options
Mounting clips
Ballast/Driver Control
0-10V dimming
Power Supply
5-pin MTA
Analog Input
4 inputs 0-12V
Analog Output
4 outputs 0-10V sync 25mA per output
Input Voltage
Low Voltage Output
4 outputs - 12 VDC
Current Consumption
600 mA
Dimming Output
Connects four 0-10V dimming outputs syncing 25mA per output
(4) photocell inputs , (4) 0-10v outputs, 25mA sync current per output
Connectivity Protocol
CAN protocol
LED Status Indicators
LED output indication of level, Communication LED, System LED
Operating Temp
0 to 55 °C
5.5 In
4.75 In
1.13 In
0.34 Lb
cULus, CE, Title 20, FCC
1 year limited warranty
GE LightSweep Lighting Controls Relay Contractor Panel

CLCGDIM4 - four 0-10V dimming channels and four analog inputs for photocells.

Each channel can sync 25mA - 50 LED drivers or MARK VII ballasts. Channels can operate independently or grouped for larger control zones.

Dimming Channels configuration parameters.

Max/Min value to constrain the output level between defined values, regardless of the command. Ramp rate: defines the ramp UP/DOWN speed in %/sec. Fade time represents the transition time between the Min and Max values, Up to 3,600 sec transition time.

LightSweep CLCDIM4 4 channel dimming module

Photocell Input Configuration.

Photocell inputs provide a selection option based on the type of application and photocell connected to that input: PCD-IN - indoor sensor 0-100 FC; PCD-OUT - outdoor sensor 0-250 FC; PCD ATR - atrium 0-1,000 FC; PCD-SKY - skylight 0-2,000 FC.