LightSweep® CLCBNET

CLCBNET controller allows the system operation via a front-end computer or webserver or the capability to integrate to BMS systems using the BACnet protocol.

Features & Benefits

  • Controls up to 99 CAN devices
  • Dynamically learns all devices on the CAN bus and displays the object configuration
  • Allows for remote programming and monitoring via Ethernet or TCP/IP
  • Push-button switch for automatic program transfer to CAN devices
  • Custom programming
  • Event logging and trending, alarming


Controls Platform
Color Offering
Mounting Options
Power Supply
2-pin connector
Input Voltage
24 VAC
Current Consumption
175 mA
Memory & Storage
64 MB Flash, 32 MB SDRAM
Inputs: Two push-buttons (Reset, Transfer)
Connectivity Protocol
BACnet UDP/IP, BACnet Ethernet, BACnet MSTP, CAN protocol
LED Status Indicators
Controller Status LED, Ethernet Ports LED, CAN bus LED, MSTP port LED
Operating Temp
0 to 55 °C
5.0 In
5.4 In
2.6 In
0.34 Lb
cULus, CE, Title 20, ARRA, FCC
1 year limited warranty
LightSweep Lighting Control Panel CLCBNET BACnet Programmable controls

BACnet Programmable Controller

The database for the CLCBNET controller includes a default set of objects (8 schedules; 16 lighting control groups and other system configuration objects) as well as a vast library that includes Analog & Binary Variables; Trend Logs; Totalizers; Runtime counters; Program object, allowing users to create highly complex custom programs that might be required by any type of application.

CLCBNET is a BACnet/CAN Programmable Gateway

CLCBNET discovers the control modules installed on its CAN bus and imports all their properties. Using a software switch allows to download the configuration into all network devices or upload the existing configuration. Any further modifications are dynamically updated in the CLCBNET database as well as in the CAN controllers.

LightSweep CLCBNET BACnet programmable gateway

BMS Integration

Custom programming can simplify the BMS Integration process, minimizing the programming required at the BMS level.