LED Lighting

Since 1892, lighting innovations from GE have changed the way we see, live, work and grow. And today, lighting has the power to do even more. From the streets to hospitality suites, from storefronts to storage facilities, from commercial offices and bank and beyond - Current brings life to spaces with light that is brighter in every sense of the word.

We make light energizing.

Lumination™ LED Luminaires transcend the traditional ideas of office and retail lighting on every level imaginable.

Combining high-powered LEDs with advanced technology and smart building controls, GE has designed an indoor lighting system to keep workplaces highly energized and merchandise looking its best.

We make light productive.

High ceilings. Expansive spaces. Long operating hours. Where there are challenges, we see opportunities to change the landscape of industrial lighting.

Built on a platform that is modular, scalable and digitally controllable, Albeo™ high and low bay LED Luminaires produce brighter, smarter, and more efficient spaces.

We make light constructive.

Since inventing the first streetlight more than a century ago, GE has continued to push the boundaries of light.

Evolve™ LED fixtures, our advanced series of outdoor lighting solutions, minimize dark spots and shadows while optimizing light intensity and efficiency. With Evolve LED and LightGrid™ Outdoor Wireless Control System, community leaders can build stronger, more secure and more sustainable cities.

We make light enticing.

Whether attracting people to merchandise or enhancing a flickering corporate sign, LED lighting from GE covers a longer, brighter life that's sure to reflect more positively on your brand and your bottom line.

We make lighting intelligent.

Today, light can do so much more than brighten our path. It can lighten our impact on the environment. Make our streets more secure. Or boost the comfort and productivity of any indoor space. Discover how pairing lighting with intelligent sensors and controls can help build smarter, more sustainable solutions for the future.

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