Smart Building Management


Energy savings are among the first gains you should expect from Current’s Intelligent Environment Platform. However, all energy management systems are not the same. As you choose yours, consider openness, scalability, and security.


Current is your one stop shop for scalable indoor controls and energy management systems. Built by GE experts in thousands of facilities worldwide, our energy management solutions allow you to unify, visualize, and control your smart building systems across your portfolio - from manufacturing plants to office spaces.

For indoor deployments, Current offers multiple energy management applications to match your specific needs. Along with Daintree wireless sensors and controls, Current’s EMS solutions are the best first step toward an intelligent environment. And with LED + AllSites, you can save 70% on your lighting bill. Further savings are possible for HVAC and other building systems.

Open Standards

If you want flexibility and a lower cost of ownership, select a controls and EMS system that’s built on an open rather than a proprietary platform. Current’s energy solutions run on our open platform that’s unique because it’s open on the top and the bottom.

Open on top means we don’t lock your data in a proprietary system; you can send it anywhere. Open on the bottom means you can use hundreds of sensors – ours and beyond – to build the best intelligent environment at the lowest cost. And it’s all powered by GE’s cloud platform.

For additional value, integrate with existing HVAC and other enterprise systems. The data is visualized in our intuitive interface that simplifies complex, disconnected building systems.

Multi-Site Made Easy

Current makes achieving energy savings easier across a multi-site portfolio. Rank and compare sites, so you can figure out why your best buildings are better and fix problems with your less efficient buildings.

Shown in an intuitive layout, with smart alarms, your powerful data on efficient and inefficient buildings allows you to save energy and extend asset life.


Unified smart building management results in reduced training and errors, as well as decreased energy use, emissions, and environmental impact.

Combined with GE LED lighting, AllSites can help reduce your lighting bill as much as 70%, with additional savings thanks to more efficient HVAC and longer asset life.

Energy Management Solutions

For more information on which energy management solution is best for you, contact your local account representative.

  • AllSites, GE’s unified controls and energy management app, provides the tools to transform how enterprises approach multi-site energy management, leveraging big data analytics built on Current’s Intelligent Environment Platform.

  • ControlScope Manager is an industry leader in wireless controls software for smart buildings, delivering dramatic energy savings and operational efficiency improvements in a simpler, more cost-effective way than ever before.


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